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DarkWiiPlayer 💜

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Pete Goodliffe

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Strength: Starting projects 😁

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This repo is not just for the front-page. I also keep a bunch of stuff here that may or may not be of interest to other people like a short list of worthwile books, papers and blog posts; a few file templates, etc.



Lua library for the server-side of your web projects.

The current project structure is a bit of a clusterfuck but it is slowly being refactored into something decent.


A repository of JavaScript snippets slowly turned into a front-end micro-framework over time.


A lightweight CSS framework & component library that aims to provide a good balance between versatility, usability and size.

Just a bunch of smaller Lua libraries

  • arrr for commandline argument parsing
  • based for base16/32/64 encoding and decoding
  • glass for config loading
  • lumber for logging
  • scaffold for filesystem scaffolding
  • shapeshift for data validations and transformations
  • skooma for HTML generation (also ported to JS)
  • spooder for running simple tasks in Lua
  • streamcsv for performant CSV reading

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  • Programming
  • Games
  • Anime
  • Anything nerdy, really