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A collection of general-purpose Javascript snippets/modules that I end up copy-pasting around more often than necessary.

So what does it all do?


Generate HTML and SVG DOM nodes more easily and do stuff with them. Feels like an in-between of using a templating language and writing lisp code. Overall very recommendable.


the second iteration of improved HTMLElement but this time in a function to support inheriting from other classes for extending builtin elements.


Generate CSS from JS objects. Yes, you can generate CSS from JSON now. Or from YAML. Or from whatever you want, really.


A proxy object that fires a callback when certain (or all) properties are changed.


Simple messaging helper that uses microtasks by default.


Debouncing wrapper for functions to avoid repeated execution of expensive code.


Turns template literals directly into HTML templates. Just read the code, it's like 5 lines or so.


Currently a sngle class ObjectStorage implementing the API of the Storage class using a plain JS Map as backend. This is mostly meant as a page-local fallback to LocalStorage and SessionStorage.


Allows you to apply code to HTML elements by looking for a use attribute and running it as code on the element.


Ensures in-order promise resolution and optionally limits parallel execution.